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Although the World Wide Web offers a wealth of classroom resources for teachers, the actual process of searching for lesson plans and classroom activities may be frustrating and time consuming. For example, a generic search for “astronomy lesson plans” results in over 2,000 sites. For this reason the Messenger EPO team has compiled a sample series of interesting Web sites for educators. Although the main focus of these sites is on astronomy and space sciences, we include lessons that can be used in the mathematics classroom as well.
The sites of interest are organized in four areas: Lesson Plans, Neat Science Activities (with Hands-On and Online Science Activities listed separately), Comparative Planetology, and Mega-Astronomy Sites.

    Lesson Plans will link you to online K-12 lessons available for immediate classroom use.

    Hands-On Activities are sites where students construct manipulatives for use in an inquiry-based science classroom.

    Online Science Activities sites emphasize web-based active learning, and require a computer and Internet connection.

    Comparative Planetology sites can serve as informational pages for you and your students.

    Finally, theMega-Astronomy Sites are just what the name implies - great astronomy sites for all.

We hope you enjoy the resources listed here. Select one of the links above and explore!

For Teachers
Websites of Interest