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For Teachers

Fellows at the Mercury Orbit Insertion Maneuver

Six MESSENGER Educator Fellows served as voices of the MESSENGER mission to Mercury during the historic maneuver that placed the spacecraft into orbit around the innermost planet in the Solar System on March 18 UTC (the evening of March 17 EDT). The Fellows attended events connected with the Mercury Orbit Insertion (MOI) maneuver at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and reported on their experiences in real time.

Through the Fellows’ eyes, the whole world was able to experience the maneuver as seen from the MESSENGER Mission Operations Center. The Fellows used social media tools to report on the excitement of the MESSENGER team as the spacecraft concluded its 6.5-year journey and became the first spacecraft ever to orbit Mercury. Now the mission is in its main phase, a year-long thorough investigation of the planet from orbit. Click on the Fellow’s name to see his/her own MOI page with a Twitter feed (which may allow you to view Twitter even if your organization blocks Twitter).

The Fellows attending the Mercury orbit insertion maneuver included:

The MOI experiences were also transmitted through the MESSENGER mission Facebook page, the MESSENGER2011 Twitter page, and Dr. Jeff�s Blog on the Universe.

Disclaimer: Please note that the links above will take you to social networking sites which include the writers� own personal experiences and impressions and are not official NASA or MESSENGER mission pages whose accuracy has been verified.

To find out more about the MESSENGER Educator Fellowship Program, click here.