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For Teachers

MESSENGER Educator Fellowship Program

An essential part of the MESSENGER education and public outreach program is a nationwide teacher training initiative whereby a cadre of MESSENGER Educator Fellows’master science educators’conduct teacher training workshops nationally, training up to 22,000 grades preK-12 educators over the mission lifetime. Fellows train educators on education materials (termed MESSENGER Education Modules) developed by the MESSENGER education and public outreach team. To date, over 16,000 educators across the nation have been trained by the MESSENGER Educator Fellows.

The current cadre of MESSENGER Educator Fellows consists of 30 Fellows in 19 states and territories. These Fellows will conduct teacher training workshops for the duration of the mission. To see a listing of the upcoming MESSENGER educator training workshops, click here. To find out about the possibilities of scheduling a MESSENGER workshop in your community, contact a MESSENGER Educator Fellow in your area.

Fellows train teachers on MESSENGER Education Modules, which include inquiry-based, hands-on lessons for grades preK-12 that are aligned to the National Science Education Standards and Benchmarks for Science Literacy. The Modules focus on Solar System science, Solar System exploration through history, and the process of designing, constructing, and sending a spacecraft to another planet.

For more information on the MESSENGER Educator Fellowship Program, contact Stacy Hamel (voice: 434-882-5176; email Stacy Hamel.