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Carol Lutsinger

Being part of the MESSENGER outreach has been an exciting and rewarding experience. Sharing the program with teachers in South Texas as well as from across the state has been rewarding. The fact that NASA designates a percentage of its missions to fund teacher professional development has enabled me to be a part of something larger than I ever expected. In addition to the privilege of serving as a MESSENGER, I am a Solar System Educator, as well. I spend my "spare time" sharing space missions and astronomy at our local libraries twice a month through a program I call Astronomy 101. I also share the information via a weekly newspaper column that I have been writing for more than 13 years, grocery store parking lots, and on drives back home from presentations "up the Valley". If you are ever accosted at a local burger place by an excited older woman urging you to "come outside and look at the sky", it might be me! Spending my time sharing space is the best way I can think of because it touches everyone of all ages for a lifetime. My current professional role is as a classroom teacher for the Brownsville ISD on the Texas border with Mexico. International flavor blends all that we do here. Vengan y vean las planetas y las estrellas con nosotros.

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Brownsville, TX