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Christina Dorr

Besides being privileged enough to be a MESSENGER Educator Fellow, I am in my 19th year as a media specialist, presently with Hilliard City School District, Hilliard, Ohio. In that capacity I get to teach a wide range of ages of children, a wide range of subject matters, including technology, research, literacy, and content areas. I serve on building and district committees and initiatives, and try to make as wide an impact on education as possible. My Ph.D. from the Ohio State University has allowed me several teaching opportunities at local universities part-time, and to become a speaker for the American Library Association. I keep active with local, state, and national organizations and writing for their publications, and most recently I earned National Board Teacher Certification in November 2008. Spare time includes reading, traveling, and spending time with my family. Columbus, Ohio, is home for me and my family, husband Richard, daughters Colleen and Allison, and son-in-law Galo.

Contact Info:

Columbus, OH