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Donald Hendrich

I am a sixth grade science teacher at Newport City Elementary School in Newport, Vermont. Newport is located in Vermont's "Northeast Kingdom". We are right on the border with Quebec. I have been teaching in Newport for over twenty years at the fifth and sixth grade levels. I have also had extensive experience in providing professional development for educators. Since I live in a relatively remote area, my goal is to reach out to area schools and museums. I also hope to provide training for preservice teachers through local state colleges. I have been interested in space science for a long time. Over the last several years I have been developing and teaching a yearlong curriculum in observational astronomy, focusing on both the Sun, Earth, Moon system and the solar system. Our focusing question is how the Sun, Earth, Moon system affect our lives both globally and in Newport (Latitude 44 degrees 55 minutes N, Longitude 72 degrees 14 minutes W).

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