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For Teachers

Carol Greco

Carol is an elementary teacher in Deadwood, South Dakota and has taught 1st and 2nd grade for the past 16 years. Fond childhood memories of getting up very early in the morning with her family to watch the count downs of the Mercury Mission lift-offs, set the stage for her love of space and space travel. She has been a facilitator for numerous professional development opportunities for the teachers in South Dakota and across the United States as a Senior Trainer and Master Teacher for the Intel® Teach to the Future Programs. She is very excited to share the MESSENGER Mission information with teachers in hopes of stimulating students’ interest and understanding about space and space exploration.

She and her husband Jim have one son, Tony, who resides with his lovely new wife Allison in Norman, Oklahoma. Tony is a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He will soon begin his pilot training for the Air Force with hopes of someday becoming an astronaut.

“The MESSENGER Education and Public Outreach program is an excellent resource for students and teachers. I am very excited to share all the information the program has to offer to increase the awareness and excitement of space and space exploration with my fellow educators!”

Contact Info:

Carol Greco
710 Railroad Ave.
Lead, SD 57754
[email protected]