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For Teachers

Dina M. E. Ledford

Dina has a B.S. in Biology and is certified to teach middle school and secondary science. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in secondary science and math education. She has taught for 13 years in the South Carolina public school system, and currently teaches physical science and astronomy at Fort Dorchester High School. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she has served as the Lead Science Teacher, a point of contact for "Building a Presence in Science", science Department Head, Teacher of the Year, an Astronomy Middle School Kit Developer and Trainer, a Middle School Science Curriculum Writer, and Evaluator of State Standardized Test items in high school physical science, an NOAA Ocean Explorer Master Teacher and Curriculum Writer, a CoasTeam middle school marine science Master Teacher and Instructor and a mentor to teacher interns and practicum students from education programs.

Her goal in educating her students is to involve them in their own learning by presenting them with opportunities to experience real-world applications of the National Standards. She accomplishes this through the use of current events, technology, and inquiry-based hands-on activities. Her role is as much that of a co-learner as it is an instructor. She hopes her students cultivate a desire for life-long learning through participation in her classroom and they share in her enthusiasm to explore the world!

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