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For Teachers

Emily L. Haynes

Emily is a high school teacher at Centaurus High School with courses in chemistry, advanced chemistry and astronomy. She writes, "I am looking forward to leading teachers with standards based lessons from the MESSENGER mission which lead them through real science experiences.

I have been interested in planetary astronomy and Mars since the Viking Landings and Voyager missions during my undergraduate days at Cornell University. I lead star viewing nights for my high school classes and community outdoor labs. This past year, I was priveleged to lead a team from Centaurus to work on the science team for the Mars Exploration Rovers with Dr. William Farrand, of the Space Sciences Institute in Colorado. It was a fantastic experience to be at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory when pictures and data came down directly from Mars! I have also enjoyed working as an advisor with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on the new "Space Odyssey" exhibit which opened in June, 2004.

I am married and have two daughters: Tamara who is 8 years old, and Katie who is 6 years old. Both enjoy viewing stars and planets through the telescope with mom."

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