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Dolores (Lollie) Garay

Science Coordinator/teacher for grades 5-8 at Redd Schoolin Houston, Texas . I hold a Master of Science Teaching degree from Rice University,Houston, with a focus on Earth/Space Science. I have taught for 38 years and my favorite thing is still getting “down and dirty” in activities with my students!

Besides classroom teaching, I have developed and co-sponsor an After School LABRATS program that includes Astronomy, Amateur Radio,GirlScience, Robotics & Engineering, and Aeronautics; and year-round Family Science Programs. I also spend a lot of time as a participant and trainer in professional development. I have presented on the local, state, and national level and I seize every opportunity I can to share my passion for Space and Science. I look forward to bringing teachers on-board the MESSENGER mission!

Contact Info:

Dolores (Lollie) Garay
Redd School
Houston Texas