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Denise Zacherl

Denise is a Gifted and Talented teacher at Westview Middle School in Summerville, South Carolina. She has taught departmentalized science at 4th grade, team taught science and social studies at 6th grade, and currently teaches 3rd-6th grade ACE (Academic, Creative and Enrichment) classes. She gets her love of science from her father, a chemist, who inspired her with mysteries unsolved. Space has been a love of hers since grade school, as she watched all the missions to the Moon (a bonus of growing up in Florida). Denise's first South Carolina State Science Conference, (SC)2, back in 1988 cemented her focus. Never had she been with such friendly and committed educators whose shared enthusiasm inspired her passion for excellent teaching. Her future took on new clarity and purpose as she sought to share excitement with her fellow educators and students. She is currently District 1 Director for (SC)2.

Dreams of being involved with NASA had come true as she was selected for the NASA NEW (2001 NASA Educators’ Workshops) at Langley Research Center and currently with the MESSENGER mission. This has helped her inspire other teachers preparing learning missions that will impact and shape a global community of tomorrow, whether here on Earth or somewhere out there… space!

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