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Rich Santer

Rich is currently teaching sixth grade and the Metamorphosis Research Program at Woodland Middle School in Meadow, New York. He has been teaching since 1987. In addition to his work as a MESSENGER Educator Fellow, Rich has been involved in many space related activities. He participated in the National Science Foundation's, Astronomy Discovery program at the NY Hall of Science, NASA's NEW program (GSFC 2000) and a teacher exchange program with the Komarov School in Star City, Russia.

Rich's students have had two experiments selected by NASA for flight on the Space Shuttle. The first experiment entitled "P.O.N.D.S. - N.Y.," flew on Discovery (STS-102) and the second entitled, "Magnets & the Magnetosphere," flew on Endeavour (STS-108). The students also interviewed Astronaut Dan Bursch while he was on the International Space Station using Ham radio.

Rich's students have also conducted a two hour live teleconference with Star City which focused on the competition and cooperation of the American and Russian space programs. Cosmonauts Yuri Grizenko, Viktor Afanasayev and Alexi Leonov as well as, Astronaut Chris Hadfield participated in the teleconference. Rich and his students later hosted 12 exchange students and their teachers from Star City during their visit to the United States.

Most recently, Rich's Metamorphosis students conducted an examination of the world's volcanoes using a camera on the International Space Station through the ISS EarthKAM program. Rich currently serves as chairperson of NYSUT's State Taskforce on Instructional Technology. He has also served as chairperson of the Policy Board of the East Meadow Teacher Center (1995-2003) and vice president of the East Meadow Teachers Association (1994-2001).

Rich has been recognized by the Buehler Challenger Center and the East Meadow Board of Education for his work in space education. He was also named Educator of the Year by the East Meadow Community Service and Civic Association in 2001.

Rich is also an avid collector of space memorabilia and astronaut/cosmonaut autographs.

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