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For Teachers

Announcement of Opportunity

Bring the Solar System to Your Community � Become a MESSENGER Fellow

NOTE: The deadline for applications to become a MESSENGER Educator Fellow has passed. To see the current cadre of MESSENGER Educator Fellows selected through this Announcement of Opportunity, click here

Take part in the current golden era of Solar System exploration by becoming a MESSENGER Educator Fellow! As an integral part of NASA’s MESSENGER mission to Mercury, the Fellows will help bring the excitement of this daring mission to classrooms across the nation.


Humankind is sending a spacecraft back to Mercury! NASA’s MESSENGER (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging) mission will be only the second spacecraft to ever visit, and the first to orbit, this enigmatic planet. Launched in 2004, the robotic spacecraft flew by its target three times in 2008 and 2009, sending back the first pictures of the previously unseen side of Mercury. In March 2011 MESSENGER will go into orbit around Mercury and begin a year-long, comprehensive study of the planet. The mission will not only dramatically increase our understanding of Mercury, but also help reveal the story of the Solar System’s formation. How would you like to help take the nation along for this thrilling ride as a MESSENGER Educator Fellow? Visit http://messenger.jhuapl.edu for more information on the mission, and http://messenger-education.org for more information on the education and public outreach efforts of the mission.

What is a MESSENGER Fellow?

An essential part of the MESSENGER education and public outreach program is a nationwide teacher training initiative whereby a cadre of thirty Fellows—master science educators—conduct teacher training workshops nationally, training up to 27,000 grades preK-12 educators over the mission lifetime. Fellows train educators on education materials (termed MESSENGER Education Modules) developed by the MESSENGER education and public outreach team. To date, over 14,000 educators across the nation have been trained by the MESSENGER Educator Fellows. Taking part in the MESSENGER Educator Fellowship Program is a great opportunity for educators to make a broad, yet profound impact in science education in the preK-12 community.

You can still download the 2010 Announcement of Opportunity to become a MESSENGER Educator Fellow here (.pdf), but please note that the deadline for applications has passed.

For any questions about the Fellowship program or the application process, please contact Harri Vanhala (email: [email protected]).