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| Mosaic Postcards from Mercury : Print |

psst...explore this then scroll down for more cool stuff!

Make your own mosaic of Mercury!

NEW! ¿Hablas español? The Mosaic Postcards are available in Spanish: (.pdf). Thanks to Pedro Valdes Sada for his translations!

Need help using this interactive?

Click on the image above to watch this tutorial of the Print Side. (If you would like a version with closed captioning click here).

In order to capture the spectacular high-resolution views of Mercury, MESSENGER's Narrow Angle Camera of the Mercury Dual Imaging System (MDIS) takes images of small areas of the planet's surface. Neighboring images overlap by about 10% to ensure complete coverage without any gaps. These individual images are then assembled puzzle-style into a mosaic view of Mercury. With the mosaic postcards you can mimic this scientific process.

How to make a mosaic of Mercury

All of the materials you need to make your mosaic are available in the "print blank grid" and "print all cards" buttons above.

  1. Select "print blank grid" and choose from one of the options there to create your blank grid onto which you will affix your cards.
  2. Select "print all cards" and choose from one of the options there to print the font or image-side of the cards as well as the back or text-sides of just 6 cards. If you are using the backs, you should attach them to the corresponding fronts upside-down with respect to one another so you can still read the text after you have attached the card to the blank grid.
  3. Attach your grid to the wall and begin attaching cards using the coordinate system on the cards and on the blank grid. You should attach the cards with backs only across the top so you can flip them up to view the text-side of the card.

You can click on any of the grid sections above to see an enlarged view of that part of Mercury and to print or download that individual card. You will see that 6 of the sections also have a "back" or text-side. The text-side explores the features from that grid section in greater detail. Check back for more text-side cards!