A NASA Discovery mission to conduct the first orbital study of the innermost planet
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Where is Mercury Now
| Mosaic Postcards from Mercury |

psst...explore this then scroll down for more cool stuff!

Make a Mosaic of Mercury!

NEW! ¿Hablas español? The Mosaic Postcards are available in Spanish: (.pdf). To learn more about the printable Mosaic Postcards, check out the Print Side. Thanks to Pedro Valdes Sada for his translations!

Want help? Watch these tutorials of the Print Side (youtube)(Quicktime) or the Surface Interactive Side (youtube)(Quicktime) of this online exploration environment.

To learn about the unique features on Mercury's surface and unravel its history, the MESSENGER Science Team pieces together many high resolution images of the planet to form a "mosaic" (check out this cool example!). With the MESSENGER mosaic postcards you can mimic that scientific process! To learn how to create your own mosaic of Mercury click on the "Mosaic Postcards" side above.

Do you want to explore the features found on Mercury, just like the MESSENGER Science Team does? Select the "Surface Interactive" side above and zoom in to rayed craters, scarps, volcanic areas and more! Learn how they formed and what they tell us about Mercury's formation and changing surface.