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For Teachers

MESSENGER For Teachers

Welcome, teachers! In this section you will find a variety of resources for your classroom and professional development opportunities. Please select one of links to take you to your destination of interest.

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The MESSENGER Education Modules contain standards-based educational materials and lesson plans currently being developed by the MESSENGER team. These Modules are built around the three themes of the MESSENGER mission: The Scientific Process, Comparative Planetology, and The Solar System Through History. The Staying Cool and Voyage materials are ready for download now, and check back for more materials to download soon...
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If you are interested in finding quality online resources about astronomy and space sciences, be sure to check out Websites of Interest. On these webpages you will find activities and lesson plans that are related to either the MESSENGER mission or other NASA Projects.
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Take a "virtual" journey to the planet Mercury as you watch the Virtual Movies of the MESSENGER spacecraft from take-off to its flyby of the planet. If you want to "investigate" the planet Mercury make sure to check out the Virtual Animations. Coming soon: Take a virtual fieldtrip to a space museum.
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The MESSENGER mission has vast opportunities for both professional development and education outreach. One such opportunity is the MESSENGER Education Fellowship Program. Or if you can not find the information that you are looking for on these pages, check out the sites Frequently Asked Questions for teachers or Ask a Scientist or Science Educator.
MESSENGER Spacecraft
What will MESSENGER measure, and why? Learn about the instruments on board!
For Teachers