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Kris Swanson

Kris Swanson is the Planetarium Resource Teacher at Poinciana Math/Science/Technology Magnet School in Boynton Beach Florida. He has been an educator in Palm Beach County for 16 years as a 5th grade classroom teacher, a science lab teacher, and a district technology specialist. He has a Masters of Arts in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University. Kris has been passionate about sharing his love for astronomy since childhood when he would coax family members up onto the roof of his backyard shed to look through his first telescope. He learned to operate the planetarium projector and observatory at the South Florida Science Museum as a 14 year old volunteer, and worked on the education staff at MOSI in Tampa while an undergraduate at the University of South Florida. His professional career has centered around sharing his love of science with students and other teachers.

Contact Info:

Lantana, FL